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A Study of Liver Function in Experimental “Peptic” Ulcer

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Summary And Conclusions

  1. 1.

    The quantitative bilirubin test and the blood lipase and bromsulphthalein retention determinations for liver function were applied to 31 dogs on which the Mann-Williamson operation was performed for the production of post-operative jejunal ulcer. It was found that the operationper se does not cause a detectable disturbance of liver function according to the tests used. When the body is much embarrassed by a loss of blood or threatened perforation in consequence of the development of an ulcer, liver function is deranged in some but not all cases. The liver was not detectably disturbed prior to the development of the ulcer.

  2. 2.

    The same tests were applied to 11 dogs which received daily 100 mg. of cinchophen, made priod to 1936, for 90 days along with 60 gin. of gastric mucin. None of the dogs developed ulcer, but evidence of liver damage was observed in six, which shows that liver damage may be produced by cinchophen without causing an ulcer.

  3. 3.

    These observations indicate that if liver injury has anything to do with the etiology of experimental ulcer in the dog, it must be a fairly specific type of injury.

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