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Cochleosacculotomy for Meniere’s disease—a preliminary report


A pilot study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy of cochleosacculotomy for Meniere’s disease. The procedure was carried out on 5 patients with intractable vertigo due to idiopathic hydrops. The mean duration of follow up was 9.6 months, the longest follow up being 18 months. All 5 patients were completely free from vertigo. Hearing was unchanged (W10 dB) in 3. Tinnitus remained the same. Postoperative ENG showed significantly improved vestibular function. These results indicate that cochleosacculotomy compares favourably with other surgical procedures for Meniere’s disease.

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  • Vestibular Function
  • Round Window Membrane
  • Spontaneous Nystagmus
  • Endolymphatic Hydrops
  • Cochlear Duct