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Anaesthesia for emergency hospitals

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Summary and Comments

A general outline of the Emergency Hospital programme and of the individual prepackaged unit has been presented. Techniques, supplies, and equipment for anaesthesia recommended for stockpiling have been reviewed. Particular emphasis has been placed on the use of equipment being stored for inhalation anaesthesia using a “draw-over” technique for administration of air-vaporized halothane. The equipment for this technique being procured at present includes : (1) the Fluotec vaporizer 10 per cent or AE Fluothane vaporizer 15 per cent; (2) the EMO ether vaporizer; (3) the Oxford inflating bellows; (4) the Ruben non-rebreathing valve.

Some of the other techniques tested in a programme of selection and elimination have been mentioned briefly.

Our studies have certainly confirmed the value of the air over halothane technique for general anaesthesia as a reasonable alternative to use (of anaesthetic gases and carbon dioxide absorber units. If the equipment bow being stockpiled against a situation of disaster is needed sometime in the future, its use will be much more satisfactory if teaching hospitals will undertake to demonstrate its use now to residents, staff members, and, perhaps more important, to general practitioners practising part-time anaesthesia in hospitals outside the major target areas.


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McNally, N.H., Neily, H.H. & Benoit, J. Anaesthesia for emergency hospitals. Can. Anaes. Soc. J. 9, 524 (1962). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03019194

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