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Vagus and glossopharyngeal nerve paralysis: Case report

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Following essentially normal induction and installation for craniotomy, a 35-year-old male developed paroxysmal hypertension and tachycardia which culminated in cardiac standstill. Prompt initial recovery was followed postoperatively by complete motor and sensory paralysis of the larynx and pharynx as well as persistent tachycardia. These symptoms continued for six weeks and the eventual full functional recovery took several months. The accident is tentatively explained, in terms of paralysis of the ninth and tenth nerves and the pertinent literature is reviewed.


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Correspondence to M. Keéri-Szántó or M. Belzile.

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The authors are indebted to Dr C. Bertrand, F R C S (C) for referral of his patient and for his interest and helpful criticism m the preparation of this manuscript.

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Keéri-Szántó, M., Belzile, M. Vagus and glossopharyngeal nerve paralysis: Case report. Canad. Anaesth. Soc. J. 6, 285–288 (1959). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03014253

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