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Distribution of the number of joins between colored points on a lattice

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Tables are presented showing the number of configurationsm ij of arrays of points (l×m×n) on a regular lattice, such thati points are black and (l m n−i) are white, and such that there arej pairs (joins) of neighboring points of different colors, for the arrays (4×4×1), (5×5×1), (6×6×1), and (3×3×3).


Se dan tablas que muestran el número de configuraciones de conjuntos de puntos(l×m×n) sobre una retícula regualr, tales quei puntos son negros y(lmn−i) son blancos y hayj pares de puntos adyacentes de diferentes colores, para los conjuntos (4×4×1), (5×5×1), (6×6×1) y (3×3×3).

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Correspondence to Stephen G. Brush.

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This work was performed under the auspices of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission.

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  • Regular Lattice
  • Neighboring Pair
  • Rectangular Array
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  • Lawrence Radiation Laboratory