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Plethysmographie comparee chez des adolescents scoliotiques, avant et apres correction par la methode instrumentale de harrington, relativement aux normalites obtenues

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A 521 L, variable pressure, body plethysmograph, connected to preamplifiers and recorder, has been used to study airway resistance and conductance, thoracic gas volume and specific conductance on a group of healthy adolescents, from 12 to 17 years.

Due to discrepancies in other predicted normal values already published, this study was established to enable our laboratory to have its proper predicted normal values for the four parameters described above.

Results were accumulated from the study of plethysmography of nine adolescents operated for correction by the Harrington instrumentation method both pre-operative and a mean of nine and a half months post-operative.

We discovered in the first part a significant linear relation between the thoracic gas volume (TGV) and the age. When height is difficult to evaluate, as in scoliosis, this relation could be used to replace the one based on height.

The results have been compiled by computer and statistically evaluated by η2, η-r, r2, total mean square, residual mean square and regression mean square.

The second part is also significant in that we observed an improvement of the thoracic gas volume or FRC and a great improvement of airway resistance in the majority of patients tested.

This work shows new aspects with regards to treatment of scoliosis patients, some of which differ with the opinions expressed by Bergofsky and Westgate.



résistance des voies aériennes


volume gaz intrathoracique


capacité résiduelle fonctionnelle




conductance spécifique


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