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Book Reviews


  1. Effects of AnesthesiaB.G. Covino, HA. Fozzard, Rehder, G. Strichartz (Eds.) Williams & Wikins, Easton, MD. $39.95 (us)

  2. Obstetric analgesia and anaesthesiaJ. Selwyn Crawford, 2nd Edition. Academic Press Canada, Don Mills. $22.40

  3. Précis d’Anesthésie loco-régionaieP. Gauthier-Lafaye (Ed.) Masson, Paris (Presses de 1’Université Laval, Quebec) $63.00

  4. Manual of regional anaesthesia: techniques and clinical applicationsHarold Carron, Gregg A. Korbon, John C. Rowlingson Grune & StrattonInc. (Academic Press Canada, Don Mills) $56.25

  5. Pain. International perspectives in physical therapyTheresa Hoskins Michel (Ed.) Academic Press, Don Mills. $23.95

  6. Goodman and Gilman’s “The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics”Gilman, A.G., Goodman, L.S., Rail, T.W., Murad, F. (Eds.) MacMillan, 1985, 1839 pages. (Collier MacMillan Canada, Inc., Toronto). $88.95

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