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Studies on the Neutralization Test of Gastric Acidity in relation to general disease


1. The clinical value of the neutralizing functional test of the stomach in ulcer and pyloric spasm as established by other investigators has been confirmed. It apparently is of little or no value in other gastrointestinal and several general diseases investigated in this study except the possibility of liver and gall bladder pathology.

2. By modifying the technique of Elman and Levy both the neutralizing and secretory tests can be accurately performed at one appearance of the patient.

3. Evidence is submitted suggesting that the regurgitation of duodenal juices, while undoubtedly the main factor, is not the only one in the mechanism of neutralization.

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Correspondence to Kenneth Phillips M.S., M.D..

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From the Department of Medicine: James M. Jackson Memorial and Victoria Hospitals.

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  • Duodenal Ulcer
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