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Anaesthesia for day-care surgery: a symposium (II)

Organization of the out-patient surgical facility

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The organization of three main types of out-patient anaesthesia facility are discussed. These are the hospital unit with independent facilities, the integrated hospital unit and the independent out-patient surgical centre.

The use of an out-patient facility for minor surgical procedures has been suggested as a less expensive alternative to in-patient management. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are outlined.


Trois types ďinstallations pour la chirurgie ambulatoire sont discutés: ľunité autonome à ľintérieur de ľhopital, ľunité intégrée et le centre de chirurgie ambulatoire indépendant.

Ľutilisation du service de chirurgie ambulatoire a été proposée comme une alternative beaucoup moins côuteuse que ľhospitalisation. Les auteurs en décrivent les avantages et les désavantages.


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Correspondence to G. Edelist or G. Urbach.

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Presented as a Panel at the Annual Meeting, Canadian Anaesthetists’ Society, June 1979.

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Edelist, G., Urbach, G. Anaesthesia for day-care surgery: a symposium (II). Canad. Anaesth. Soc. J. 27, 406–408 (1980).

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