Uneventful extradural analgesia after unrecognized dural perforation

  • Sergio Gregoretti


A case is reported of an uneventful continuous extradural block in spite of unrecognized durai perforation. Although the perforation was recognized later during the block, the dura was probably pierced during the insertion of the catheter and only later the terminal hole came to lie in the subarachnoid space. Consequently both extradural and subarachnoid spread of the injected local anaesthetic occurred, preventing an extensive subarachnoid block.


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Ľauteur rapporte un cas ďanalgésie péridurale sans complications cliniques, malgré une perforation non reconnue de la dure-mère. Bien que ľon se soit rendu compte de la perforation tardivement en cours ďintervention, celle-ci est probablement survenue au cours de ľinsertion du cathéter. Ce dernier est vraisemblablement venu se placervis-à-vis ľouverture dure-méridienne à la suite des doses de rappel ďanesthésique, la solution se distribuant dans les deux espaces (sousdural et péridural), ce qui explique ľabsence ďun bloc sous-arachnoïdien total.


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  • Sergio Gregoretti
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  1. 1.Department of AnaesthesiaRoyal Victoria HospitalMontrealQue.
  2. 2.Dept. of AnaesthesiaOspedale MaggioreTriesteItaly

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