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Book reviews

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  1. SECOND INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MALIGNANT HYPERTHERMIA. Al-drete, J.A., Britt, B.A., Editors. New York Grune & Stratton Inc., 1978. Price $25.50.

  2. DOCTORS AND THE LAW. Gilbert Sharpe and Glenn Sawyer, Toronto, Butterworth, 1978. 448 pages. Price: $25.95.

  3. EPIDURAL ANALGESIA. Philip R. Bromage. Toronto, W.B. Saunders Company, 1979. Price: $35.65.

  4. ANAESTHETICS, RESUSCITATION AND INTENSIVE CARE. Donald Campbell and Alastair A. Spence. Toronto, Churchill Livingstone, Div. Longman’s Canada Ltd., 5th Edition, 1979. Price: $18.15.

  5. A PRACTICE OF ANAESTHESIA. W.D. Wylie and H.C. Churchill-Davidson. Toronto, W.B. Saunders Company. 5th Edition 1978. 1,542 pages. Price: $74.75.

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