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Studies on growth hormone release and cortisol with intravenous glucose loading


THE stress of myocardial infarction or surgery has been studied with sequential intravenous glucose tolerance tests for growth hormone, insulin, glucose and with 24-hour urinary epinephrine and norepinephrine assays. Elevated catecholamines were observed in all patients but were not specifically related to the observed growth hormone and insulin changes. Insulin was elevated initially in 60 per cent, and sluggish insulin responses were found initially in 40 per cent. Sixty-six per cent had elevation of growth hormone initially; sixteen per cent had a paradoxical growth hormone response initially, and two patients failed to respond to intravenous glucose. Plasma cortisols were more readily suppressed than plasma growth hormone.

The inter-relationship of catecholamine, growth hormone, and insulin secretion are discussed.

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