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Treatment of ulcerative colitis with a fractional component of hog stomach extract

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1. Treatment of twenty-four cases of idiopathic ulcerative colitis with a fractional component of dessicated extract of hog stomach is herein reported. The type of cases encountered varied from mild to fulminating. There was no dietary restriction, and neither supplementary nor supportive therapy was used.

2. It was determined by a control study that the increased protein intake in the extract did not apparently influence resolution of the ulcerative process.

3. Results of therapy were encouraging since 88% of the cases recovered. 25% of the cases in the fulminating or chronic continuous type were not improved, and 4% of the cases were aggravated due to the allergenic property of the extract.

4. The incidence of relapse was relatively greater than what actually may have existed, since maintenance dosage after resolution was not generally followed. Relapses, however, were usually controlled without difficulty on readministration for 1–2 weeks.

5. It is felt that this substance is clinically more potent in its antiproteolytic substance than the whole hog stomach extract.

6. This study further substantiates the proteolytic concept of the pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis.

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