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Perforation of the gall bladder


1. The incidence of perforated gall bladders is higher than usually assumed, varying from 13–25 per cent of acute gall bladder conditions.

2. Chronic choleystitis and cholelithiasis are underlying factors in the production of gangrene and subsequent perforation of the gall bladder.

3. Gall bladder perforations occur most commonly in persons aged 50 and over.

4. Males are affected more frequently than is generally thought; 38 per cent in our series.

5. A very small per cent of perforations are diagnosed correctly or early enough to save the patient’s life. None of our series was correctly diagnosed prior to autopsy.

6. The reasons for delay in surgery in definite gall bladder disease are first, procrastination by patients and acquiescence to this by their physicians, and secondly, uncertainty in the minds of some physicians as to the indications for gall bladder surgery.

7. The indications for gall bladder surgery are outlined.

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