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Myxoma of maxilla

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A rare case of Myxoma of right maxilla in a 25 year female, presenting as-bilateral nasal obstruction with destruction of the septum and maxillary antral bone is reported.

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Correspondence to M. Sikinder Hayath or G. Rami Reddy or M. Janaki or D. Kabeer or A. Seshu Prasad or Nagesh or C. Mohan Rao or Purandar Pandu Rangaiah.

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Hayath, M.S., Reddy, G.R., Janaki, M. et al. Myxoma of maxilla. IJO & HNS 50, 377–378 (1998). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03000692

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Key Words

  • Myxoma
  • Stellate Cells