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Two methods for obtaining electrocardiograms of chair-restrained monkeys

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EKG’s of chair-restrained Rhesus monkeys were recorded using 1. implantation of subdermal electrodes, and 2. surface electrodes. Both procedures resulted in reliable registration of EKG’s in experiments involving both Pavlovian and instrumental conditioning and recording. The advantages and disadvantages of the methods are discussed and detailed instructions for implementation are given.

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Supported by Grant MH-13049 from the National Institute of Mental Health, U. S. Public Health Service, to William N. Schoenfeld, Queens College, New York and the Veterans Administration.

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Ramsay, D.A., Pomerleau, O.F. & Snapper, A.G. Two methods for obtaining electrocardiograms of chair-restrained monkeys. Conditional Reflex 3, 200–204 (1968).

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  • Instrumental Conditioning
  • Elastic Strap
  • Female Receptacle
  • Electrocardiographic Study
  • Reliable Registration