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Studies on constitution and peptic ulcer

II. The dermographic time of peptic ulcer patients and normal subjects

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No difference in dermographic reaction-time was found between a group of 80 ulcer patients and a group of 62 normal subjects.

There is a distinct relation between dermographic reaction-time and age. Until 30 years of age, dermographic reaction-time is relatively short (9.8 seconds). Above this age, it slows down abruptly (13.4 seconds for the age group of 31–50 years) and then remains relatively constant (15.4 seconds for the age group of 51–70 years). This signifies an alteration with age of the capillaries of the skin and therefore, probably, of the skin itself.

The possibility of a correlation between incidence of peptic ulcer and changes in dermographic reaction time with age is discussed.

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Correspondence to H. Necheles M.D., Ph.D..

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From the Gastro-Intestinal Laboratory, Department of Physiology, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago. Aided by the Louis L. Cohen Fund.

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