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Book reviews

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    1. Sex Variants. A Study of Homosexual Patterns. By George W. Henry, M.D. Sponsored by the Committee for the Study of Sex Variants, Inc. 2 volumes. New York, Paul B. Hoeber, Inc., 1941.

    2. Microbes Which Help or Destroy Us. By Paul W. Allen, Ph.D., D. Frank Holtman, Ph.D. and Louise Allen McBee, M.S. C. V. Mosby Co., St. Louis, 1941.

    3. Cardiac Clinics. Assembled by Frederick A. Willius, M.D. C. V. Mosby, St. Louis, 1941.

    4. Synopsis of Applied Pathological Chemistry. By Andes and Eaton.Handbook of Communicable Diseases. By Franklin H. Top. C. V. Mosby, St. Louis, 1941.

    5. The Englishman’s Food. Five Centuries of English Diet. By J. C.The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. By Louis Goodman and Alfred Gilman. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1383 pp., 1941. Price $12.50.

    6. Stewart, J. D.:New England J. Med. 223:1059, Dec. 1940.

    7. Whipple, G. H.:Amer. J. Mcd. Sci. 196:609, 1938.

    8. The Medical Reports of John Y. Bassett, M.D., with an introduction by Daniel C. Elkin, M.D., Springfield, Illinois. By Charles C. Thomas. 62 pp., 1941. Price $1.50.Anales del Dispensario Publico Nacional para Enfermedades del Aparato Digestivo. By A. Guidi Buffarini, Buenos Aires, Vol. 3, 568 pp., 1940.

    9. Essentials of Nutrition. By Henry C. Sherman and Caroline S. Lanford. New York, The Macmillan Company, 418 pp., 1940. Price $3.50.

    10. What are the Vitamins? By Walter H. Eddy. New York, Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 247 pp., 1941. Price $2.50.

    11. Body Mechanics in Health and Disease. By Joel E. Goldthwait, M.D., Lloyd T. Brown, M.D., Loring T. Swaim, M.D. and John Kuhns, M.D., with a chapter on the Heart and Circulation by William J. Kerr, M.D. 3rd ed. completely revised, Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Co., 316 pp., 1941. Price $5.00.

    12. Men at Their Worst. By Leo L. Stanley and Evelyn Wells. New York, D. Appleton-Century Company, 1940. Price $3.00.

    13. Psychiatric Social Work. By Lois M. French. New York, The Commonwealth Fund, 344 pp., 1940. Price $2.25.

    14. The Avitaminoses. By Walter Eddy and Gilbert Dalldorf. Baltimore, The Williams and Wilkins Company, 519 pp., 1941. Price $4.50.

    15. Hutchinson’s “Food and the Principles of Dietetics.” Revised by V. H. Mottram and George Graham. 9th ed., Baltimore, William Wood Company, 648 pp., 1940. Price $6.75.

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