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Studies on colon irritation

III. Bulk of feces

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The bowel movement of 45 normal and 58 individuals with abdominal complaints were studied. Stools were examined for the effect of bran on the bowel movements, and for signs of colon irritation.

Constant low stool weight (tendency to low bulk) was observed in 33 per cent of the normal and in 40 per cent of the individuals with abdominal complaints.

A bulk increasing effect of bran among individuals with constant low stool weights was seen in 13 out of 15 subjects (86%) of the normal group, and in 14 out of 23 (61%) of those of the group with abdominal symptoms. Of the 30 cases with average normal stool weights, there was a bulk increasing effect of bran in 16 cases (53%) of the normal group. In the group with abdominal symptoms, 35 had normal average weights; of these 20 (57%) had increased bulk after bran.

Increased mucous secretion or abnormal microscopic mucous findings were found in 15 of 45 cases (33%) of the normal subjects and in 21 of 58 cases (36%) of those who had abdominal complaints. Comparing the cases with low bulk, we found increased mucous secretion or microscopic abnormal findings in 8 of 15 cases (53%) in the normal group and in 9 of 23 (39%) in the group who had abdominal symptoms.

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