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The immunoregulatory effect of TLSFJM on the expression of T cell IL-2R and protein tyrosine phosphorylation

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The immunoregulatory effect of TLSFJM on the expression of T cell IL- 2R and protein tyrosine phosphorylation ( FTP ) was investigated by immunohistochemistry technique. The results showed that TLSFJM can markedly suppress the expression of IL-2R and PTP on PHA or TPA-stimulated human PBMC and murine IL-2 dependent cell line CTLL-2. However, there was no effect of TLSFJM on the production of IL-1, IL-2 and IL-6 that play an important role in the course of T lymphocyte proliferation and differentiation.

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Xia, H., Jin, B., Xu, H. et al. The immunoregulatory effect of TLSFJM on the expression of T cell IL-2R and protein tyrosine phosphorylation. Chin J Cancer Res 3, 7–12 (1991). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02997270

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Key words

  • inhibitory factor
  • T lymphocyte activation
  • protein tyrosine phosphorylation
  • immunoregulation