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Book Reviews

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    1. Genetics ctnd the Origin of Species. By Theodosius Dobzhansky. Columbia University Press, New York City, pp. 446, $4.25.

    2. War Medicine—A Symposium. Edited by W. S. Pugh, 565 PP., New York, Philosophical Library, 1942.

    3. Annual Review of Physiology. Edited by James M. Luck and Victor E. Hall. vol. Iv. Stanford University, California. Annual Reviews, Inc., 709 Pp., 1942.

    4. Pathology of the Oral Cavity. By Lester R. Cahn. Baltimore, The williams and wilkins Company, 240 pp., 1941. Price $5.50.

    5. Food Values in Shares and Weights. By Clara Mae Taylor. New York, The Macmillan Company, 92 pp., 1942. Price $1.50.

    6. Cabot and Adams Physical Diagnosis. By F. Dennette Adams. 13th edition. Baltimore, The William and Wilkins Company, 888 pp., 1942. Price $5.00.

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