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The effect of therapeutic agents on the volume and the constituents of bile


Using improved physiological and chemical methods, we have investigated the effects on bile secretion of a high fat diet, of bile salt preparations, and of certain drugs used clinically. Three of four commercial bile acid preparations tested increased the output of cholesterol and biliary lipoids; linseed oil in the diet likewise increased the output of these constituents as well as the volume of bile.

Theconjugated bile acid preparations (Bilron and Dechacid) proved superior as stimulants to the flow of bile containing increased amounts of biliary constituents. The oxidized,unconjugated preparations (Decholin and Ketochol) increased the aqueous fraction of bile but resulted in an absolute decrease in natural bile acid output.

Salicylic acid increased bile volume output; calomel, ammonium chloride, urea, calcium gluconate, mucin and chondroitin were without significant effect on bile secretion or its constituents.

Sulphanilamide, administered orally in doses of one and two grains per kilo, had no effect on hepatic secretory function and did not interfere with the choleretic properties of ox-bile salts. This drug was eliminated in the bile in concentrations that have been reported to be bacteriostatic for certain organisms.

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Correspondence to C. R. Schmidt or J. M. Beazell or A. J. Atkinson or A. C. Ivy.

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From the Departments of Physiology and Pharmacology, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, and the Department of Physiology, University of Tennessee, Memphis.

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