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Study of trace elements (copper & zinc) in oral submucous fibrosis

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A study of serum levels of trace elements like copper and zinc in oral submucous fibrosis (O.S.M.F.) reveals that the mean serum copper level rises by 24.60 ug/100 ml (p<0.001) as compared to controls. The mean serum zinc level did not show any significant alteration. The copperzinc ratio also shows a rise of 0.28 (p<0.05). The maximum rise of mean serum copper level is observed in stage I of oral submucous fibrosis. This study may be helpful as an additional diagnostic tool for oral submucous fibrosis and may also reveal some clues about the advancement of disease. The mean rise in serum copper level is less in oral submucous fibrosis than in malignant lesions. This, though a lesser rise but a definite and constant one, may favour the possibility of oral submucous fibrosis being a pre-malignant lesion, as thought earlier by Paymaster (1956).

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