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Temporal bone trauma : Role of high resolution CT scan in diagnosis and management


Nineteen patients with temporal bone trauma were evaluated with high-resolution computed tomography (CT). 10 cases showed haziness of the air cell system, 8 cases showed longitudinal fractures, 1 case showed cerebral aerocele. The CT findings were correlated with clinical features like haemotympanum, hearing loss, facial nerve paralysis, and with operative findings in 3 patients who underwent surgery. CT was able to demonstrate the status of the ossicular chain, or the location and extent of fracture, or integrity of the bony fallopian canal in most of the cases. CT findings helped better patient care by alerting the otologist to the abnormalities likely to be encountered during surgery.

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  • Facial Nerve
  • Temporal Bone
  • High Resolution Compute Tomography
  • Transverse Fracture
  • Ossicular Chain