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Sequential chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the treatment of head and neck cancers

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The grim statistics of head and neck cancers calls for chemotherapy in addition to radiotherapy. Fortyfour patients with advanced cancers were treated with 4–6 injections of Methotrexate 50 mg iv weekly followed by radiotherapy (RT). Fortytwo control patients received only RT. With chemotherapy (CT) 13.64% complete (CR) and 43.18% partial response (PR) was obtained. Thirtyseven study patients and 38 control patients were assessable one month after treatment completion. 56.76% study and 42.11% control patients showed a final CR. Patients with stage III disease and oropharyngeal primary showed better response with little difference in response of laryngeal cancers between the two groups. Better response was seen in patients with good performance status. Initial responsiveness to CT was predictive of attainment of a final CR. Anterior chemotherapy did not accentuate subsequent radiation reactions.

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