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Relative roles of various surgical techniques in atrophic rhinitis

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A comparative study of four surgical procedures: partial closure of the nostrils, complete closure of the nostrils, transplantation of maxillary sinus mucosa (a new technique reported earlier) and fat grafting, in 31 patients of atrophic rhinitis is presented. In one patient transplantation was followed by partial closure of the nostrils. Partial closure was also done in another two cases following fat grafting.

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Correspondence to R. Sharan.

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This paper was read at the 30th Annual Conference of the Association of Otolaryngo-Iogists of India at Cuttack in January, 1978.

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Sharan, R. Relative roles of various surgical techniques in atrophic rhinitis. Indian J Otolaryngol 30, 17–19 (1978).

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