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Clinical evaluation of the antibody against core protein of hepatitis C virus

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The authors measured antibody against the core protein of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in patients with acute or chronic hepatitis and healthy blood donors, and compared the results with the one obtained from anti-C100-3 assay. To characterize this antibody (anti-core), we also examined the patients with past posttransfusional acute non-A, non-B hepatitis and investigated how frequently viraemia of HCV persisted after the acute phase of hepatitis detecting HCV RNA by polymerase chain reaction. Anti-core was detected in 109/128 (85.2%) of patients with chronic hepatitis and the detection rate of anti-C100-3 was 95/128 (74.2%), respectively. Twenty seven of 33 (82%) patients with past postransfusional acute hepatitis were still positive for anti-core concomitant with the presence of anti-C100-3, having accompanied the presence of HCV RNA in 24/33 (73%). Eight of 2,020 (0.4%) healthy blood donors who were negative for anti-C100-3 were anti-core-positive, and all 5 patients transfused with this anti-core positive blood suffered from posttransfusion hepatitis C. Thus, anti-core antibody was closely associated with the presence of HCV RNA and considered to be a reliable marker of the virus replication.

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