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Determination of chemical warfare agents

Gas Chromatographic analysis of chlorovinylarsines (Lewisite) and their metabolites by derivatization with thiols (2nd communication)

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Chlorovinylannes (Lewisites) were produced and handled during WW I and WW II as chemical warfare agents. Residues of these cwa and their metabolites are still present today and continue to contaminate soil and water.

A gas Chromatographic method for the detection and determination of chlorovinylarsines (Lewisites) and their metabolites is shown. Lewisite II and Lewisite III, but not Lewisite I and the metabolites of Lewisite I and Lewisite II can be detected and determined using GC/ECD. After derivatization with thiols, the sum of Lewisite I or Lewisite II and their metabolites are detected. With the proper selection of the thiol, matrix interferences can be eliminated because of the different retention times of the derivatives.

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  • Analysis
  • arsenic compounds
  • chemical warfare agents
  • chlorovinylarsines
  • cwa
  • derivatization
  • detection
  • determination
  • gas chromatography
  • Lewisite