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Dynamic analysis of a reciprocating compression mechanism considering hydrodynamic forces


In this paper, a dynamic analysis of the reciprocating compression mechanism of a small refrigeration compressor is performed. In the problem formulation of the mechanism dynamics, the viscous frictional force between the piston and the cylinder wall is considered in order to determine the coupled dynamic behaviors of the piston and the crankshaft. Simultaneous solutions are obtained for the equations of motion of the reciprocating mechanism and the time-dependent Reynolds equations for the lubricating film between the piston and the cylinder wall and for the oil films on the journal bearings. The hydrodynamic forces of the journal bearings are calculated by using a finite bearing model along with the Gümbel boundary condition. A Newton-Raphson procedure is employed in solving the nonlinear equations for the piston and crankshaft. The developed computer program can be used to calculate the complete trajectories of the piston and the crankshaft as functions of the crank angle under compressor-running conditions. The results explored the effects of the radial clearance of the piston, oil viscosity, and mass and mass moment of inertia of the piston and connecting rod on the stability of the compression mechanism.

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Key Words

  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Piston Secondary Dynamics
  • Crankshaft-Journal Bearing System
  • Hydrodynamic Force
  • Dynamic Behavior