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Evaluation of stapling technique in surgical treatment of esophageal and cardiac cancer

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Objective: To investigate an effective method to prevent anastomotic leakage and stenosis, evaluating the role of stapling technique in surgical treatment of esophageal and cardiac cancer. Methods: The stapling technique was used in end-to-side esophagogastromosis in surgical treatment of esophageal and cardiac cancer. Results: 128 patients were so treated. One patient died of superior mesenteric artery embolism, and the operative mortality was 0.78%. No anastomotic leakage or stenosis was found in this series. The other complications included postoperative thoracic cavity bleeding in 1 (0.78%), myocardial infarction in 2 (1.56%), stress ulcer of stomach in 1 (0.78%), and gastroparsis in 4 (3.12%). The overall morbidity rate was 4.7%. Conclusion: Using stapler to perform end-to-side esophagogastromosis has the advantages of being simple and safe, cutting short the operation time, and preventing leakage and stenosis. It is an ideal technique in the treatment of esophageal and cardiac cancer.

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Zhang, S., Ma, S., Song, H. et al. Evaluation of stapling technique in surgical treatment of esophageal and cardiac cancer. Chin J Cancer Res 12, 67–69 (2000).

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