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Estimation of mutation rates

I. visible recessive characters detected in inbred lines maintained by single sib-matings


Matrix methods of computation are described for estimating the frequency of spontaneous or induced visible recessive mutations, detected in inbred lines maintained by a single sib-mating in each generation, with perhaps an occasional intercalated backcross. Due allowance can be made for varying sizes of sibship, and for incomplete penetrance and partial lethality. Formulae and diagrams show how the amount of information varies with number of generations, sibship sizes, and degrees of penetrance and lethality. Matrix methods are also useful in a variety of cognate problems.

It is a pleasure to express my thanks to Dr T. C. Carter for bringing this problem to my notice, and to him and Dr D. S. Falconer for the advice and help they so readily gave me.

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  • Mutation Rate
  • Recessive Gene
  • Matrix Operation
  • Sibship Size
  • Inbreeding Line