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Abstracts of papers presented at the second Israeli-Italian phytopathological symposium July 14–17, 1991 Belgirate, Italy

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Correspondence to Rivka Barkai-Golan or G. Kritzman or Naomi Temkin-Gorodeiski or M. Conti or Laura Guglielmone or Anna Maria Vaira or E. Luisoni or R. G. Milne or Vittoria Lisa or Cristina Marzachi or G. Boccardo or Vera Masenga or R. Lenzi or Eliana Ramasso or Stefania Crespi or G. P. Accotto or P. Caciagli or C. Altomare or Y. Rotem or A. Sztejnberg or A. Lin or Y. Henis or I. Chet or J. Katan or A. Gamliel or Aviva Uziel or M. Assaraf or Osnat Ben-Gal or Erminia Traversa or A. Ippolito or V. De Cicco or F. Casulli or G. Lima or F. Nigro or V. Savino or G. P. Martelli or D. Boscia or A. Minafra or C. Cariddi or V. Piglionica or D. Gallitelli or Luciana Corazza or G. Chilosi or V. Balmas or Maria Aragona or A. Haegi or Paola Del Serrone or Gloria Innocenti or Germana Govi or V. Rossi or S. Frisullo or Paola Battilani or N. Paster or C. Fanelli or R. Kennedy or J. Lacey or M. Mora or H. Shekara Shetty or N. Aharonson or A. Grinstein or Y. Elad or H. Frankel or H. Yunis or Gilly Zimand or Talma Katan or E. Pressman or S. Ben-Yehoshua or J. Kim or V. Rodov or B. Shapiro or E. Fallik or A. Lalazar or U. Afek or B. Blaier or R. Cohen or A. A. Schaffer or J. A. Menge or Assunta Bertaccini or Maria Grazia Bellardi or G. Faccioli or A. Colombarini or Gabriella Cirvilleri or A. Catara or Rosa La Rosa or M. Renis or G. Delogu or A. Gatti or Susanna Pecchia or G. Vannacci or Susanna Pecchia or G. Vannacci or A. Bottalico or A. Graniti or L. Ghisellini or R. Roberti or M. Bonforte or Isabella Di Silvestro or C. Mallegni or W. Cortellini or C. Tartari or G. Tamietti or D. Benzi or Patrizia Martini or A. Garibaldi or C. Aloi or P. Bergonzoni or Monica Mezzalama or M. Lodovica Gullino or M. Palitto or A. Crescenzi or S. Arpaia or N. Sarindu or R. Marino or M. Leonardi or A. Scala or L. Mittempergher or S. Tegli or V. Goggioli.

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Barkai-Golan, R., Kritzman, G., Temkin-Gorodeiski, N. et al. Abstracts of papers presented at the second Israeli-Italian phytopathological symposium July 14–17, 1991 Belgirate, Italy. Phytoparasitica 19, 237–266 (1991).

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  • Fusarium Wilt
  • Benomyl
  • Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
  • Tomato Spot Wilt Virus
  • Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus