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Evaluation of genetic resistance fromOryza sativa andOryza officinalis againstCochliobolus lunatus in Tamil Nadu, India


A new sheath rot disease of rice incited byCochliobolus lunatus (anamorph:Curvularia lunata) was first observed on rice cultivars at the end of the dry season (April and May) in 1990. Nearly 7% of rice plants at boot leaf stage showed typical sheath rot symptoms. Panicles emerging from diseased plants were mostly black. Six improved cultivars and five breeding lines derived from the wild riceOryza officinalis were completely free of the disease under both natural and artificial infection conditions. These genetic stocks with resistance to sheath rot can now be utilized in breeding programs.

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Correspondence to P. Lakshmanan.

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Lakshmanan, P. Evaluation of genetic resistance fromOryza sativa andOryza officinalis againstCochliobolus lunatus in Tamil Nadu, India. Phytoparasitica 21, 63–68 (1993).

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Key Words

  • Genetic resistance
  • Oryza sativa
  • Oryza officinalis
  • Cochliobolus lunatus
  • sheath rot disease