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Attraction ofTrichogramma platneri to eggs of some lepidopterous pests of avocado


The attraction ofTrichogramma platneri Nagarkatti (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) to eggs of two lepidopterous avocado pests,Boarmia sel-enaria (Schiffermüller) (Geometridae) andCryptoblabes gnidiella (Millière) (Phycitidae), was evaluated in olfactometer tests. The mobility of the wasp as measured by a mobility index was 0.6 for males and 1.8 for females; the males had a lower mobility and a lower search capacity index than the females. Frozen and fresh youngB. selenaria eggs had the greatest attraction forT. platneri, which diminished with increasing age of the eggs. The eggs ofC. gnidiella were also attractive to the parasitoid.

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Correspondence to M. Wysoki or M. De Jong.

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Contribution from the Agricultural Research Organization. No. 2704-E, 1989 series.

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Wysoki, M., De Jong, M. Attraction ofTrichogramma platneri to eggs of some lepidopterous pests of avocado. Phytoparasitica 17, 315–318 (1989).

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Key Words

  • Trichogramma platneri
  • egg parasitoid behavior
  • olfactometer tests
  • Boarmia selenaria
  • Cryptoblabes gnidiella
  • avocado pests