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Occurrence of a new leaf spot disease ofMusa sp. incited byThanatephorus cucumeris


A new leaf spot disease of banana(Musa sp.) cv. ‘Rasthali’ (syn. Silk) was observed in Tamil Nadu, in 1987. The causal organism was isolated in pure culture and identified asRhizoctonia solarii Kühn. The teleomorphic stage,Thanatephorus cucumeris (Frank) Donk, has also been induced artificially. This is the first record of this pathogen causing leaf spot disease onMusa sp. The pathogenicity of basidiospores on several other important crops was also tested.

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Key words

  • Musa sp.
  • leaf spot
  • Rhizoctonia solarii
  • Thanatephorus cucumeris
  • pathogenicity
  • host range