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LCA Software tool for corrugated board

Bringing LCA within easier reach of the industry


FEFCO, Groupement Ondulé and Kraft Institute have integrated the data from their recently published updated “European Database for Corrugated Board Life Cycle Studies” into a software tool that has been developed especially for the corrugated board industry. The tool links input and output data reported in the Database to average European data for upstream and downstream processes from BUWAL 250 [3]. The tool is intended to support environmental management of companies since it provides a possibility to find opportunities for improvements and to take environment into consideration when designing corrugated board boxes.

The entire system of corrugated packaging is the basis for the calculations. It is assumed that the fibres that are used for the production of the corrugated base papers are produced and recycled only within this system. This simplified so-called closedloop approach, which is described in detail in the Database report, avoids the problem of allocating impacts caused by primary fibre production and the final treatment of corrugated packaging that is not recycled between primary and recovered fibre based paper grades. This means that with the software tool it is not possible to make comparisons between the production of primary fibre and recovered fibre based materials as such.

The tool enables the user to vary parameters such as transport, box design, logistics and waste management according to his personal circumstances. In this way he can use the tool to introduce parameters for possible alternatives he wants to investigate. The LCA results of these alternative cases can then be compared and analysed at inventory, characterisation, normalisation and weighing level. The user cannot change the basic data nor the methodology.

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