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Characterization of an alkali-extracted peptidoglycan from KoreanGanoderma lucidum

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The biologically active peptidoglycan was purified from the alkali fraction of the fruiting bodies ofGanoderma lucidum and the composition of the peptidoglycan was investigated by conventional analyses. The alkali-extracted peptidoglycan showed differences in chemical compositions from the water-extracted. The alkali-extracted peptidoglycan contained 6.9% protein and 75.9% carbohydrates composed mainly of β-glucose, mannose, and α-glucose. The molecular weight range of the peptidoglycan was determined as 2,000 kDa-1 7 kDa. The peptidoglycan is considered to be a hybrid molecule of polysaccharide chains covalently bound as a side chain to the polypeptide core.

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  • Ganoderma lucidum
  • Fruiting body
  • Alkali extract
  • Peptidoglycan, Characterization