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A screening level life cycle assessment of the ABB EU 2000 air handling unit

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The screening level LCA places itself amongst the many approaches to LCA, including full LCA and streamlined LCA. The screening level LCA combines the quantitative nature of the full LCA with the low effort of the streamlined LCA. This paper presents, as an example, a screening level LCA of the EU 2000 air handling unit from ABB Ventilation Products AB, Sweden, using the Danish EDIP impact assessment method, the EDIP software and database. This study proved that major improvement potentials can indeed be identified with screening level LCA, and argues that the screening level LCA is a suitable approach in the early stages of a company’s life cycle engineering efforts

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Correspondence to Jens Brøbech Legarth or Stellan Åkesson or Alena Ashkin or Anne -Marie Imrell.

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Contact for the screening level LCA method Corresponding author at ABB Corporate Research

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Legarth, J.B., Åkesson, S., Ashkin, A. et al. A screening level life cycle assessment of the ABB EU 2000 air handling unit. Int. J. LCA 5, 47–58 (2000). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02978560

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  • ABB Ventilation Products
  • active product
  • full LCA
  • EDIP method
  • impact assessment
  • industrial ecology
  • life cycle assessments
  • life cycle engineering
  • screening level LCA
  • streamlined LCA