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New amide N-glycosides of ansamitocins identified fromActinosynnema pretiosum


By using preparative TLC as the critical isolation procedure, two compounds, including one new amideN-glycosides of ansamitocin (2), were isolated fromActinosynnema pretiosum. The compounds were elucidated asN-demethyl-N-β-D-glucopyranosyl ansamitocin P-2, named ansamitocinoside P-2 (1), andN-demethyl-N-β-D-glucopyranosyl ansamitocin P-1, named ansamitocinoside P-1 (2) on the basis of their spectral data. The1H-NMR and13C-NMR assignments were made for1 and2 while the13C-NMR assignment for1 was revised. Bioassay results showed that1 had antineoplastic activity.

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Correspondence to Juan Ma or Pei-Ji Zhao or Yue-Mao Shen.

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Ma, J., Zhao, P. & Shen, Y. New amide N-glycosides of ansamitocins identified fromActinosynnema pretiosum . Arch Pharm Res 30, 670–673 (2007).

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Key words

  • Actinosynnema pretiosum
  • Ansamitocin
  • Ansamitocinoside
  • Antineoplastic activity