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Analysis of transcripts expressed from the UL47 gene of human cytomegalovirus

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The UL47 gene (b 60390-b 60338) located in the unique long region of the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) AD169 strain genome was analyzed by RNA mapping. Northern blot analysis showed that the UL47 gene was expressed at late times after infection (72 h postinfection). The 9.7-kb transcript was expressed in the infected cells but not in phosphonoformate-treated cells at 72 hpi, indicating that the UL47 gene was only expressed at late times after infection. To map the 5′-end and 3′-end of UL47 transcripts, primer extension and RNase protection analysis were performed. Primer extension analysis revealed that the transcription initiation site of UL47 was located in 27 bp downstream (b 60323) of the TATA box motif. The sizes of UL47 ORF (approximately 2.9-kb) and UL48 ORF (approximately 6.7-kb) deduced from computer sequence analysis suggest that the expressed 9.7-kb transcript of UL47 uses the 3′-end polyadenylation signal of UL48. The result of RNase protection determined that the 3′-end of UL47 RNA utilized the 3′-end polyadenylation signal of UL48, which is located in HCMV genome b 70082.

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