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Anti-Diabetic activities of fucosterol fromPelvetia siliquosa


Fucosterol isolated fromPelvetia siliquosa was tested for its anti-diabetic activityin vivo. Fucosterol, when administered orally at 30 mg/kg in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats, was caused a significant decrease in serum glucose concentrations, and exhibited an inhibition of sorbitol accumulations in the lenses. Fucosterol, when administered orally at 300 mg/kg in epinephrine-induced diabetic rats, was also caused an inhibition of blood glucose level and glycogen degradation. These results demonstrated that fucosterol is a main anti-diabetic principle from the marine algaeP. siliquosa.

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Correspondence to Yeon Sil Lee or Kuk Hyun Shin or Bak-Kwang Kim or Sanghyun Lee.

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Lee, Y.S., Shin, K.H., Kim, B. et al. Anti-Diabetic activities of fucosterol fromPelvetia siliquosa . Arch Pharm Res 27, 1120–1122 (2004). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02975115

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Key words

  • Pelvetia siliquosa
  • Fucaceae
  • Fucosterol
  • Anti-diabetic activity