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In Vivo Antitumor Efficacy of CW252053, A Folate-based Thymidylate Synthase Inhibitor

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Previous studies have demonstrated that CW252053, a quinazoline antifolate, exhibits potent inhibitory activity against thymidylate synthase (TS) as well as cytotoxic activity against tumor cell linesin vitro. In this study, we evaluated thein vivo antitumor efficacy of CW252053 in the mouse tumor model. Female B6D2F1 mice were injected with LY3.7.2C TK-/- (thymidine kinase deficient mouse lymphoma) cells into the gastrocnemius muscle. Then, CW252053 was administered twice daily by intraperitoneal injection for 10 days, and tumor growth was monitored daily by leg diameter measurement. All animals in the vehicle, 5-FU, and low dose (30 mg/kg) CW252053 treated groups died between days 12 and 23 because of the tumor burden. In contrast, dosing with 60 mg/kg of CW252053 produced a cure rate against tumor growth of 37.5% and a survival rate of 50%. Even more significantly, a higher dose of CW252053 (120 mg/kg) elicited both a 100% cure rate and a 100% survival rate at the termination of the study, confirming that this compound has very potentin vivo antitumor activity against tumor growth. During the experimental period of this study no signs of toxicity were observed even at the high CW252053 dosage rate of 120 mg/kg.

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