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Binding and interaction of transcriptional regulator human Daxx with adenovirus12 E1B 55 kilodalton oncoprotein


Objective: To study the disruption of co-localization of human Daxx(hDaxx) with promyelocytic leukemia protein(PML) at the PML oncogenic domains (PODs) by the interaction of hDaxx with adenovirus(Ad) 12 E1B 55 Kilodalton Oncoprotein (Ad 12 E1B 55kD). Methods: The direct binding reaction of hDaxx and Ad12 E1B 55kD was analyzed by coimmunoprecipitation and Western blottingin vivo orin vitro. The interaction of hDaxx with Ad12 E1B 55kD was studied using yeast two-hybrid assay. Results: hDaxx bounded directly to Ad12 E1B 55kDin vivo andin vitro. hDaxx interacted with full length Ad12 E1B 55kD. Conclusion: Transcriptional regulator hDaxx directly binds to and interacts with Ad12 E1B 55kD.

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Correspondence to Duan-fang Liao.

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Foundation item: This work was supported by grants from Ministry of Education of P.R. China (No. 2000-65).

Biography: Wan Yan-ping(1965-), female, professor, master of medicine, Nanhua University, majors in microbiology and immunology. Phone/Fax: (0086-734)-8281386; E-mail:

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Wan, Y., Wu, Y., Zhu, C. et al. Binding and interaction of transcriptional regulator human Daxx with adenovirus12 E1B 55 kilodalton oncoprotein. Chin J Cancer Res 15, 273 (2003).

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Key words

  • Human Daxx
  • Ad12 E1B 55kD
  • Binding
  • Interaction

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