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P16 gene expression in ovarian epithelial cystadenocarcinoma

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P16 gene expression was measured by immno-histochemical method in poor differentiated serous cystadenocarcinoma cell line, xenograft of highly metas-tasizing human ovarian carcinoma in nude mice and paraffin embedded tissues from 69 patients with ovarian carcinoma. The result showed that P16 gene was positive expression in HO-8910 cell of mother line, HO-8910PM cell line and xenograft of highly meatstasizing human ovarian carcinoma in nude mice. However, P16 gene in the metastatic cell had a weaker expression. P16 gene positive expression were also found in 51 cases of 69 cases (73.9%) in the ovarian epithelial carcinoma paraffin embedded tissues. Comparative studies showed that the positive rate of P16 gene expression markedly reduced with the increase of pathologic grade and clinical stage, metastasis in the lymph node and decrease of 5-year survival (P<0.05,P<O.Q1).

P16 gene is not only a controller of cytokerastic cycle, but also a key member of tumorigenic suppresses its absence and expression degree are also correlated with the ovarian carcinoma genesis and development, especially with the metastasis of the ovarian cancer.

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Correspondence to Xinghao Ni.

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Supported by grants from the Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation No. 396410.

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Ni, X., Xu, S., Wu, X. et al. P16 gene expression in ovarian epithelial cystadenocarcinoma. Chin J Cancer Res 9, 61–65 (1997). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02974725

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  • Ovarian carcinoma
  • Multiple tumor suppresser gene
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