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Part II. Reviews and bibliographical notices

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    1. Les Processus Généraux. I. Histoire Naturelle de la Maladie; Hérédité; Atrophies; Dégénérescences; Concrétions; Gangrènes. ParMm. A. Chantemesse andW. W. Podwyssotsky. Avec ] 62 figures en noir et in couleurs. Paris: C. Naud. 1901. Pp. 428.

    2. Epilepsy and other Chronic Convulsive Diseases; their Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment. BySir William R. Gowers, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S. Second Edition. London: Churchill. 1901. Pp. 320.

    3. A Retrospect of Surgery during the Past Century. Being the Hunterian Oration of the Hunterian Society, 1901. ByJohn Poland, F.R.C.S.; Surgeon to the City Orthopædic Hospital; Senior Surgeon to the Miller Hospital; Author of “Traumatic Separation of the Epiphyses ;” Author of “Skiagraphic Atlas of the Hand and Wrist,” &c, &c.; Editor of “Bodily Definitions,” by E. T. Chance. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1901. Pp.97.

    4. A Manual of Hygiene and Sanitation. BySeneca Egbert, A.M., M.D.; Professor of Hygiene and Dean of the Medico-Chirurgical College of Philadelphia; Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; Member of the American Medical Association, &c, &c. Second Edition, enlarged and thoroughly revised. Illustrated with 77 Engravings. London: Henry Kimpton. 1901. Pp. 435.

    5. A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin for the use of Students and Practitioners. ByJames Nevins Hyde, A.M., M.D., andFrank Hugh Montgomery, M.D. Sixth and Revised Edition. Illustrated with 107 Engravings and 27 Plates in colours and monochrome. London: Henry Kimpton. 1901. 8vo. Pp. 828.

    6. The Illustrated Medical Dictionary. ByW. A. Newman Dorland, A.M., M.D., Assistant Obstetrician to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital; Editor of the American Pocket Medical Dictionary; Fellow of American Academy of Medicine. Second Edition, revised. London and Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders and Co. 1901. 8vo. Pp. 770.

    7. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat. A Manual for Students and Practitioners. ByWilliam Lincoln Ballinger, M.D., andA. G. Wippern, M.D. Illustrated with 150 Engravings, and 6 Coloured Plates. London: Henry Kimpton. 1901. 8vo. Pp. 511.

    8. Manual of Diseases of the Ear, including those of the Nose and Throat in relation to the Ear. For the use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. ByThomas Bare, M.D. Third Edition. Revised and partially rewritten, with 236 Illustrations. Glasgow: James Maclehose & Son. 1901. Large 8vo. Pp. 429.

    9. A Manual of Surgical Treatment. ByW. Watson Cheyne, C.B., M.B., F.R.C.S., F.E.S.; Professor of Surgery in King’s College, London; Surgeon to King’s College Hospital and the Children’s Hospital, Paddington-green, &c; andF. F. Burchard, M.D. & M.S. (Lond.), F.R.C.S.; Teacher of Practical Surgery in King’s Coliege, London; Surgeon to King’s College Hospital and the Children’s Hospital, Paddington-green, &c. In six parts. London: Longmans, Green & Co. 1901. Part 5, pp. 470.

    10. Cliniques Médicales Iconographiques. ParMm. P. Havshalter, G. Etienne, L. Spillmann, etCh. Thiry. Fascicule I. Planches 1 à 7. Paris: C. Naud. 1901. 4to. Pp. 48.

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