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Chemoenzymatic synthesis of Ro 25-8210 and Ro 25-6630

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Here we report the chemoenzymatic synthesis of Ro 25-8210 (1) and Ro 25-6630 (2) by using microbial reduction of α-chloromethyl ketone 4 mediated with baker’s yeast andGeotrichum sp. to afford the optically active (R) and (S)-α-chlorohydrin 8 respectively as the key step.

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Correspondence to Zhiliang Wei or Zuyi Li or Guoqiang Lin or Minghua Tang or Lijun Xia.

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Wei, Z., Li, Z., Lin, G. et al. Chemoenzymatic synthesis of Ro 25-8210 and Ro 25-6630. Sc. China Ser. B-Chem. 43, 331–336 (2000). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02969529

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  • Ro 25-8210
  • Ro 25-6630
  • asymmetric synthesis
  • bioreduction