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Part II. Reviews and bibliographical notices

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  1. Les Sérothérapies, Leçons de Thérapeutique et Matière Médicale professées à la Faculté de Médecine de l’ Université de Paris. ParL. Landouzy, Médecin de l’Hôpital Laënnec, Membre de l’Académie de Médecine et de la Societé de Biologic Paris: Carré & Naud, Éditeurs. 1898.

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  5. De la Fonction du Nouvel Urètre (Urètre Hypogastrique) chez les Prostatiques anciennement Cystostomisés. Par le Dr.Xaviek Delokb, Ex-Interne des Hôpitaux de Lyon; Ancien aide d’Anatomie à la Faculté. Lyon: Alexander Rey. 1897.

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  7. Annual Report on the Year 1897. ByE. Merck, Darmstadt. Published in March, 1898.

  8. A System of Medicine by many Writers. Edited byThomas Clifford Allbutt, M.A., M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.S.A.; Regius Professor of Physic in the University of Cambridge; Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. Vol. V. London: Macmillan & Co., Limited. 1898. Demy 8vo. Pp. 1058.

  9. Medical and Surgical Report of the Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York. Edited byAndeew J. M’Cosh, M.D.;Walter B. James, M.D. New York: Trow Directory Printing and Bookbinding Company. Volume III. January, 1898.

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  13. Dr. Mendini’s Hygienic Guide to Rome. Translated from the Italian and edited, with an additional Chapter on Rome as a Health Eesort, byJohn J. Eyre, M.R.C.P. London: The Scientific Press, Ltd. 1897. Pp. 188+iv.

  14. Electro-Physiology. ByW. Biedermann. Translated by Frances A. Welby. Vol. II. London: Macmillan & Co. 1898. Pp. 500.

  15. Diseases of Women. ByJ. Clarence Webster, M.D.; F.R.C.P. Ed.; Assistant Gynæcologist, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal. London: Young J. Pentland. Crown 8vo. Pp. 678.

  16. Guide to the Clinical Examination and Treatment of Sick Children. ByJohn Thomson, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed.; Lecturer on Diseases of Children in the School of Medicine, Edinburgh, &c. Post 8vo. 52 Illustrations. Edinburgh: William Clay. 1898. Pp. 336.

  17. La Tuberculose Infantile. Revue Bimestrielle. Numéro 3. 15 Juin, 1898. Publiée sous la direction du Dr. Léon Dereoq et Dr. Georges Petit.

  18. Inflammation of the Bladder and Urinary Fever. ByC. Mansell Moullin, M.D., Oxon., F.R.C.S.; Surgeon and Lecturer on Surgery at the London Hospital; Examiner in Surgery at the University of Oxford; Late Radcliffe’s Travelling Fellow and Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford; and Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons. London: H. K. Lewis. 1898.

  19. A Vest-Pocket Medical Dictionary: Embracing those Terms and Abbreviations which are commonly found in the Medical Literature of the day, but excluding the Names of Drugs, and many special Anatomical Terms. ByAlbert H. Buck, M.D. London: Baillière, Tindall & Cox. 1897.

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