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Reviews and bibliographical notices

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    1. (a)

      From Canstatt'sJaresbericht der Medecin, for 1847. Erlangen, 1848.

    2. (a)

      Clinical Medicine, by Neligan, vol. ii. pp. 264,et seq.

    3. (a)

      Exposition of the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy, p. 5.

    4. (b)

      SeeGazette Médicale de Paris, No. 9, 2 Mars, 1850.

    5. (a)

      Clinical Medicine, by Neligan, vol. i. p. 350.

    6. (a)

      Clinical Medicine, by Neligan, vol. i. p. 347.

    7. (a)

      Clinical Lectures, by Neligan, vol. i. p. 366.

    8. (a)

      Dr. Bennett's Treatise, p. 15.

    9. (b)

      Vol. xvii. p. 357.

    10. (a)

      See the Essay of Mr. Donovan,loc. cit., and vol. xxviii. p. 40.

    11. (a)

      At Messrs. Jones and Co., Gracechurch-street.

    12. (b)

      Page 175.

    13. (a)

      Appendix for 1847, p. 182.

    14. (b)

      London Journal of Medicine, No. i. p. 16.

    15. (a)

      British and Foreign Medical Review, vol. xiii. p. 197.

    16. (a)

      De Jongh's Treatise, p. 17.

    17. (a)

      Since these observations were written we have seen some good remarks in the same direction, by Mr. Critchett, in the London Medical Gazette for April 5th, p. 578.

    18. (a)

      Appendix, p. 188.

    19. (b)

      De Jongh's Treatise, p. 98.

    20. (b)

      Page 99.

    21. (a)

      Page 103.

    22. (a)

      Page 15.

    23. (a)

      Page 166.

    24. (a)

      See his paper on the treatment of phthisis pulmonalis in the March Number of the Edinburgh Monthly Journal, p. 239.

    25. (b)

      See Dr. Bennett in the same paper, p. 232.

    26. (a)

      Dr. Bennett's treatise, p. 176.

    27. (b)

      Page 182.

    28. (a)

      De Jongh quotes Haller, an Austrian physician, as having noticed, in some cases, the oil to be followed by apapular eruption, which he considers to have beencritical, p. 117.

    29. (b)

      Page 183.

    30. (a)

      Published in 1848; see p. 404.

    31. (a)

      Natürliches System der allgemeinen Pharmakologie nach de Wirkungs-organismus der Arzneien. 8vo. Berlin. 1846.

    32. (b)

      First edition, vol. i. p. 8.

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