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Adjacency in generalized projective Veronese spaces

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A bijection of strong subspaces of a generalized Veronese space preserving the adjacency need not to be determined by an automorphism of the underlying space. We give conditions which assure that the adjacency preserving bijection of points (or lines) of a generalized Veronese space is determined by an automorphism of this space. The results are applied to Veronese spaces associated with projective structures.

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Correspondence to I. Golonko or M. Prazmowska or K. Prażmowski.

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Communicated by: A. Kreuzer

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Golonko, I., Prazmowska, M. & Prażmowski, K. Adjacency in generalized projective Veronese spaces. Abh.Math.Semin.Univ.Hambg. 76, 99–114 (2006). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02960859

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2000 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 51M35
  • 51A99

Key words and phrases

  • generalized Veronese space (associated with a partial linear space)
  • Г-space
  • exchange space
  • adjacency
  • clique
  • strong subspace
  • pencils of strong subspaces