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Effect of engine variables on the turbulent flow of a spark ignition engine

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The turbulent flow in a spark ignition engine plays an important role in determining its combustion characteristics and thermal efficiency. In order to analyse the combustion process, the turbulent flow and its turbulence intensity must be studied. To study the turbulent flow as varying various factors in a combustion chamber of a spark ignition engine, the L-head with or without squish area are selected. The turbulent as varying flow on the piston speed, inlet flow velocity, and squish velocity are measured by using hot wire anemometer. To examine the characteristics of turbulent flow, the ensemble averaged mean velocity, turbulence intensity, turbulence intensity decrease ratio, production rate of turbulence intensity, production coefficient of turbulence intensity are analysied.

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Han, S.B., Chung, Y.J. & Lee, S. Effect of engine variables on the turbulent flow of a spark ignition engine. KSME Journal 9, 492–501 (1995). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02953647

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Key Words

  • Ensemble Averaged Mean Velocity
  • Turbulence Intensity
  • Turbulence Intensity Decrease Ratio
  • Production Rate of Turbulence Intensity
  • Production Coefficient of Turbulence Intensity